Why Join Heritage Defense?

God relates to His people in the context of family. Although far from perfect in any respect, Christian families nonetheless reflect the relationship of Christ and His bride and represent the relation of the Heavenly Father with His children. The Christian home is the cradle of the Gospel, the incubator of leadership for the church and Christian civilization, the command center for crafting dominion mandate strategies, the boot camp in which Soldiers of the Cross are made ready, and the seminary in which Believers are equipped to make disciples of all nations. It is small wonder that the enemies of God despise the Christian home; nor is it surprising that Satan wages his most determined wars to destroy marriage, steal the hearts and minds of children, and reduce the Christian family to poverty and ruin. If the enemy succeeds, he destroys not just the family, but the church and the nation as well.

For over a century, in this country and around the world, the biblical family has been under relentless assault. Although many Christian families may not have experienced this attack personally, the Apostle Paul’s example of demanding open acknowledgement of the unlawful nature of his imprisonment in Philippi (Acts 16) demonstrates his understanding that all Believers suffer harm when a single Christian is unjustly accused. The Gospel is slandered every time a Christian family is criminalized for obeying God’s word. Christian zeal is chilled whenever a God-fearing family is persecuted or intimidated for honoring God. Christendom is harmed when followers of Christ are threatened and even destroyed for following the direction of Scripture.

Heritage Defense is a non-profit legal advocacy organization dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of Christ by protecting and empowering the biblical family. Our strategy for accomplishing this mission is simple. By uniting Christian families across the country as members of Heritage Defense, we hope to help the Body of Christ join together in protecting one another, defending the Gospel, advancing biblical practices, and championing the causes of those unlawfully persecuted by the state for obeying God’s commands in raising their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

We believe the time has come for Christians to unite and defend our heritage.

We hope you will join us.

In Christ,

Heritage Defense
Founder and President